Advertising Opportunities

Rother FM offers a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities which are flexible, affordable and cost-effective and give you a unique chance to reach the people in your region.

If your business is in the Rother FM area, you don't need flashy graphs and statistics to let you know huge numbers of people across the region listen. We're the only local commercial station specifically for the Rotherham borough.

Why Radio?
It gets everywhere. People don’t switch off the radio because there's an advert on, or to go and make the tea. Neither will they put it under the cat litter tray, or put it out for recycling (and no - they don't even wrap chips in it anymore).  It is portable. You can have it on in the car whilst driving, and in the background to any number of activities at home or at work.



To find out more about Rother FM's advertising opportunities. Contact one of our sales team for more information or to arrange a visit on 01302 341166.