More Rotherham Renters Struggling To Get On Housing Ladder

Private renters in Rotherham are being priced out of a move into a property of their own.

Housing prices are thought to be more than five times what people earn.

Faye, 22, from Rotherham, told Rother FM that she feels a long way off being able to get her own place: "The only way I have been told I can get around it is to do a Help-to-Buy scheme, but it will still be at least four or five years until I can even afford to put a deposit on a house."

Local Estate Agent, Ian Butcher, says renting a home can be a tough cycle to break through: "We are quite used to dealing with a number of tenants who, in some cases, are paying more in rent than they would pay for a corresponding mortgage. But, in turn they struggle to save for a deposit. It is quite a vicious circle for people."

It is as almost two thirds of renters nationally never expect to be able to afford their own property, according to the Local Government Association.

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