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Road Alerts

  • M1, Derbyshire

    Delays and stop-start traffic due to earlier accident on M1 Southbound between J29a Markham Lane (Markham Vale / Bolsover) and J29 A617 / A6175 (Chesterfield / Mansfield), congestion on M1 to J30 A616 / A6135 (Sheffield / Worksop). In the roadworks area. Travel time is around 30 minutes. All lanes have been re-opened.
    Expected to be clear by 1:19pm Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
  • M1 TINSLEY VIADUCT, South Yorkshire

    Narrow lanes and speed restriction of 50 mph on M1 Tinsley Viaduct both ways between J34 A631 / A6178 (Meadowhall) and J34 A631 (Meadowhall).
    Expected to be clear by 10:00pm Tuesday, September 30th 2014
  • A630 FITZWILLIAM ROAD - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

    A630 Fitzwilliam Road inbound busy but moving at A633 St Ann's Road (St Ann's Roundabout).
    Expected to be clear by 1:03pm Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
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