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Posted By James Bolton Friday, 18th May 2012 10:27am

Last year Sue Whitham was told her breast cancer had spread to her lung, liver and bones - it was incurable.

The mother of two from Wickersley hasn't let that get in the way of her dreams though.

She's always wanted to be a singer and after her husband bought her a voucher for a recording studio she's decided to make an album - to inspire other cancer suffers and their families.

Sue's even written her own song for it called Believe.

I went out to see her yesterday to hear how she's managed to cope with cancer.....Audio Link

What a woman.

Some of the money from the album will go to
Western Park Hospital - a place that has helped Sue during her treatment.

If you want to help Sue she's got a Facebook page -

Or if you want to get in touch with Sue in person give us a ring and we'll arrange it - 01709 369994.

Why is it when you park in an empty car park someone else always parks right next to you?

They've got the whole car park to choose from but they put it right next to yours.

I've got a theory.

You know when you come out and you can't remember where you've parked?

Well I reckon cars move while you’re not looking so they don't feel lonely.

That's the only explanation.

School Test

Thursday 17th May



What do you call a diagram used to represent sets?


A Venn Diagram


Friday 18th May



What is the term for a positive electrode?


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