Everything you should know about Mens Health Issues and Cervical Cancer...

Rother FM are supporting Mens Health and Cervical Cancer issues along with NHS Rotherham.

Nearly 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year.

But that’s why you’re invited for regular cervical screening, if you’re aged between 25 and 64.

Smear tests find any unusual changes in cells, allowing them to be treated before they turn cancerous.

For more infomation click http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cervical-screening-test/pages/introduction.aspx

Don’t miss your cervical smear test – it could save your life.

Let’s be honest .. most of us men do worry about our health, but do we do much
about it?

Yes, we’ll have a good moan when we don’t feel too good, but we don’t like seeing the doctor, do we! Mens’ health does matter though.

Remember, if you’re worried about your general health, putting on too much weight, risks of cancer .. talk to your GP, or get booked in for a health check.

Prostate Cancer .. it’s something we don’t like to talk about, but it’s a serious condition diagnosed in around 35,000 men each year.

As with many things, the sooner it’s diagnosed the better, so you can get the right treatment as early as possible.

For Mens’ Health Week, Rother FM and NHS Rotherham have teamed up to help you access all the information you need.

If you are worried about Prostate Cancer – see your GP

For advice, click http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cancer-of-the-prostate/pages/intoduction.aspx

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