Paige's Journey

Paige's Story

Paige is currently very ill and is asking for any donation to help her get the medical care she needs this Christmas, you can visit Paige's Just Giving page below.

Her illness began in 2011. She was dragging her feet, she developed curviture of the spine. It was only following Paige falling twice. Both times she landed face first, damaging her teeth. It was like someone had flipped a switch.
She was taken for an MRI, the scan showed multiple lesions on her brain and spine. Paige was diagnosed with MS.
Managing, medically, someone under 16 with MS is difficult. A lot of the trusts refused to find medication
Despite relapses (waking up unable to move her legs) Paige managed to take, and pass her GCSEs. All be it not the A* she had been predicted. She went to her prom, gained a place in 6th Form. Despite being in a wheelchair or crutches, it looked likely that Paige would do her A levels, go to University and study medicine. She managed one term. The delay in getting treatment means MS has attacked multiple organs.

Nicky is such a selfless person. Always willing to help anyone.
As Nicky's friend, its hard to see her struggle. Wanting to nurse Paige. But unable, financially, to become her carer.


In Nicky's words
" MS has left permanent lesions on her spine, she can't walk, her bladder has stopped working, her bowel doesn't work and now she has dis motility of her stomach and intestinal failure, which means she will not be able to eat or drink again, on top of everything else that she is coping with. She is fed by TPN through her heart, which now means regular blood sugar tests and I am also scared that her liver will be the next to fail. She is an A* student and had a budding future ahead of her until this disease attacked her. Life is just cruel. I have to watch her sob has she watches her friends on social media prepare for their futures.
When Paige finally gets out of hospital, which she is now on her 10th month.. I will have to do 4 hourly checks on her feeding pump through out the night, drain her catheter, give her all her medicines and help her shower because the carer is only to cover me whilst I'm at work."


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