Tea with Ray

Inspirations and conversations for a good later life addressing loneliness and isolation in a rapidly growing group.   in excess of 50,000 retirement age people live in Rotherham.

People need other people more and more as they meet the challenges and transitions of life. Ray Matthews is a champion for Age UK Rotherham and an inspiration for people in Rotherham who are facing these challenges – particularly to do with their health, wellbeing and sense of purpose. Ray is well known as Rotherham’s Marathon Man and an accomplished speaker with many stories and achievements from his own life that may encourage and motivate others to take action to make changes in their life.

EngAge Rotherham is a programme run by Age UK Rotherham that aims to put older people in the lead of making the changes that we need in Rotherham so that everyone can enjoy a good later life. Ray and age UK Rotherham have teamed up with Morrison's supermarket, Bramley who will host a number of afternoon " tea with Ray" together with " Pie and Pea" events and an " Evening with Ray " for the future. The first of these events will take place on Tuesday 11 February at 2pm with more to follow.

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