'Esme got into radio at a young age; setting up a radio station in the back of her parents car on long journeys and forcing her little brothers to 'phone-in' with requests.  The station wasn't a huge success, mainly due to the music policy being 'only songs that Esme knows all of the words to because she performs them live.'  Esme wasn't put off and quickly launched into a new venture, selling cassettes of herself talking in between songs, in the playground.  The dinner ladies soon put a stop to the enterprise though, and by the age of 8, it looked like Esme's radio career could already be in tatters.

After brushing herself down, Esme decided that the way to get into radio, might actually be by spending time in radio stations and learning her craft, so that's what she did!  Esme's been in studios up and down the country over the last 12 years (excluding Car FM), and joins us with enthusiasm and a genuine love for the industry.  
Outside of radio, Esme is a published writer who is passionate about music and film, and can often be found baking, and subsequently eating!'


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